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This is great! I feel like the plumber in a high-end 70's porno. Five stars!

Siiiiiiick. Love that harpsichord throughout and the choral part at the 50 sec. mark. Very fun metal journey here. Five stars for sure!

DanJohansen responds:

Thaaanks! :D I love the harpsichord so it was fun implementing it in another track :) Rock on!

Well now that's impressive.

Not sure why, but this melody makes me feel like I'm at the Kremlin. I hope that's a compliment hahaha.

50Steaks responds:

Probably because it was inspired by an old song I made that was inspired by the Russian (soviet really) style of music.

That IS pretty sick. Total groove. Five stars my dude.

This pretty awesome! Haven't really been exposed to orchestral dubstep, so this was a neat intro hahaha. Five stars, favorited, and followed!

Would be cool with some lower horns in there to fill in the low end in a few places, but it's great as is, and other than that I have very little constructive to offer.

Nice work!

Karumamusic responds:


This is very nice! Some lovely textures in here that complement the natural samples very well. Everything moved along quite smoothly. It manages to be calming without sacrificing a sense of intrigue. Five stars!

I'm not a dubstep guy, but I love the production on this. Really cool track!

Five stars, a favorite, and a follow.

Well this was a fun little journey through trance-space. Lots of cool textures! Look forward to hearing more!

Five stars and a follow!

ThePal responds:

Playing with over-resonance is a dangerous endeavor, but can sound sooooo gooood, thanks for the follow!

This is really nice! Only gripe would be there was a bit of an abrasive frequency in that opening note. Just a bit too harsh with the studio headphones. Some EQ could fix that up easily, and that's just a nitpick anyways. Other than that the production is very pleasent.

But hey this is awesome! Love the tone of the distortion on that guitar. Are you planning vocals for this?

Five stars for sure!

yagru responds:

hey thanks for the review! i agree and fixed a few things :)

check out the reupload :D :D :D

i could definitely see this song having some vocals btw

Self-produced bedroom indie artist. Released my first demo album in 2019 and just released my follow up EP "Moloch Eats Connecticut". My next album is set for release sometime this coming May.



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