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Some really great guitar tones in here! I agree with @Bitbeak's comment on the lead guitar at the 1:00 mark. "Vulnerable" is the perfect word for it. As far as the mix goes, I do think that lead guitar was a bit too forward at first, but then it balances out with the rest of the production. I would like to hear the toms and snare a bit more forward, and I think a little bit of reverb on that snare would go a long way. But those are all pretty small nitpicks and don't really detract much from the piece. Great work overall! Five stars, a favorite, and a follow.

Awesome stuff man! Love that DS-10 loop! Fits very nicely in with the acoustic elements! And I always enjoy your songwriting. Five stars!

Bitbeak responds:

Looking forward to what you do with it when you get one! And thanks for the kind words :)

This has such a nice feel to it. Love it when that low end punches. Lots of cool stuf going on! Really like that phaser effect on the ride cymbals, as well as some of the phlangy ambient elements. Smooth all around. Great mix! Overall a great track! Five stars, a favorite, and a follow!

slowfreq responds:

damn dude, that's high as fuck praise <3 i'm so self conscious of my mixing, i'm glad you like it!!

Yup. Consider me a fan! I really like the unusual production on this. Can't wait to see what else you contribute! Five stars and a favorite!

PikeyPaige responds:

Yay! I will be uploading some youtube links in a few minutes and will share with you!

Don't know why people are giving this a low rating. I guess it's just too fresh for them lmao. But this is amazing! I love this kind of weird! It's something new and interesting! This is the kind of musical exploration I would like to see more of. I hope to hear you expand on this sort of sonic space. Great lyrics too! Really a great tune overall! Five stars, a favorite, and a follow!

PikeyPaige responds:

My favorite Bowie record is Low. His label almost dropped him for putting it out because it was so off-the-wall and seemed to spit on regular pop sensibilities. That record is the reason that the New Wave genre started in the 80's. They also invented the iconic 80's gated snare sound that EVERY band of every genre in the 80's borrowed. It has similar overall ratings that this song has right now but is revered as his masterpiece. Not saying this is, but I try to make material that is out of my comfort zone as well as others pretenses of how music should go and I find that I make my best work like that. The worst thing an artist can do is cater to what they think their fanbase is expecting of them. (I'm paraphrasing a Bowie interview, but thats the gist of what he said about Low)

This is a nice little groove! Great guitar tones and a unique progression! Could benefit from a thicker drum sound, but it can be hard to get that outside of a real kit. Any plans for vocals on this? Nice work though! Five stars!

LexRodent responds:

Thanks a lot !
I get what you mean regarding the drums ; I added a bit of saturation to get more punch, but yes, it's hard to get a bigger sound out of virtual drums. There's plans for other tracks including vocals ; Hopefully those will consolidate.

This is really well done! Love the lower strings, and those trilly flutes! Nice work! Five stars for sure! Doesn't show that you're out of your comfort zone at all!

ADR3-N responds:

Aww, thanks! I was actually a little nervous to post this one since I've never done anything like it. Glad you liked!

Nice industrial textures going on here! This one is certainly quite a sonic adventure you take us on, which I love! I feel like I'm flying through a beautiful tunnel of techno-horrors. Great work! Five stars!

This is extremely extremely well done. That passion and emotion really comes through in this. I'm honestly blown away! That said, I'm very sorry for your loss. I know how hard it can be. I just went through pretty much the exact same thing here very recently, and I know I'm a complete stranger, but if you want someone to talk to feel free to shoot me a PM. But hey, and I'm gauging this from your description, you seem a bit self critical, but you REALLY do do this song justice. Incredible work. I mean it. Five stars, a favorite, and a follow!

Ceevro responds:

WOW! Thank you so much for the kindness. My lady is telling me she loves this version as well...but I'm allowed to think she is a little biased, and obviously I'm not primarily a singer...but I did find myself kinda liking the punk vibes of my vocals here...I'm also very pleasantly surprised by how accurate my electric solo sounds...as I tried to play it by ear on an acoustic guitar, then add distortion in post...and it sounds like I nailed it.

And I'm also very sorry to hear about your friend. Same offer goes to you. You need an ear, you got one.

This is a very strange, almost drunken feel! Definitely interesting! The bells and pads coming in at 0:35 really glue it all together! Somewhat unsettling, and while close to the edge of "not working", I think it works! That's agood edge to explore, in my opinion. My only desire would be for some more variety in that shaker. A shaker with a round-robin feature would take care of that for sure. Regardless, it's unique for sure! Five stars!

DeadDropMedia responds:

Thank you so much! I appreciate it! And I get exactly what you mean. Someone demonstrated that in a video I watched a long time ago, they emulated the actual movement of the shaker to make it more human. And certainly, I can really apply more variety to much of my rhythm. I appreciate the feedback! -- Also , Drunk is what we aim for. Drink up me hearties, yo ho.

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