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This is nice loop! Definitely creates a neat vibe! I guess I’d recommend a bit more of a glide in the distorted synth, but hey, you’re experimenting! Definitely nice for what it is!

3arthquake responds:

I appreciate the advice!

The bass has such a nice feel to it! Very 80’s, and goes great with the lovely tapey synths. That lead synth line is really nice as well. It feels like your reaching the climax of the film, you know what the mission is, but there is uncertainty and chaos ahead. It’s a motif that could come back again in the final struggle, but you’re not there yet. Really good stuff! Five stars!

GlaceonDash responds:

This was actually made at the same time as "Page" and I did have some sort of Soundtrack thing in mind when I made both, this one was inspired by daft punk.

Definitely an eerie exotic feel. Great for the right video game level. When it comes in with four-on-the-floor it gives it just the kind of action-punch it needs to drive the piece and build some excitement. Sounds great for your purposes! Five stars!

This is awesome! Very dynamic piece, and I LOVE that fuzzy distortion at the end, as well as the more analogue textures throughout. Those percussion samples are GREAT too! Everything blends together so nicely. It all gives the feeling of being on the cusp of some kind of revelation, delivered when that distortion hits, and then sadly yet hopefully twinkles away. It’s a very enticing musical journey, and I look forward to hearing the whole EP. Good stuff! Five stars and a favorite!

Love the atmosphere that this creates. Definitely builds a sense of intrigue; of a musterious kind of wonder. I'm a big fan of this! Production is great. Love that synth bass coming in at 1:05, and those piano arepeggios are quite compelling. And I really enjoy that tapey synth. This piece is definitely and adventure. Very cinematic! Grea great work! Five stars, a follow, and a favorite!

GlaceonDash responds:

I had mostly not much clue as to what I was doing, but I made it based off of a story idea one of my friends had, it didn't get close to the correct mood, but it still worked!

This a cool piece! A bit of a manic feel. Lots of cool hollow, almost bubbly synth sounds, and I like that slappy bass! Very 80s (especially those little brass stabs), but unique for sure. I'm a fan! Nice work! Five stars!

Hyenaedon responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it

This is bangin'! Well produced, great vocals/vocal processing, pleasent harmonies, solid songwriting, nice distortion tones, and some fun riffs in there! Great work! Five stars, a follow, and a favorite! I'll definitely keep an eyes on you guys.

Love the bass flavors you've got going! They play nicely with the percussion. Lots of cool lo-fi (who doesn't like some vinyl sizzle?) and synthetic textures in this, and I like that bendy tangerine-dream-like pluck in there. Definitely an interesting little piece. Nice work! Five stars!

I like the drum sounds you've got going in this. They interact nicely with the lo-fi electronic piano sounds! Also that vocoder-like synth is pretty cool. Nice work here overall. I could see this going quite nicely with some vocals if done right. Also, that quirky synth sound that comes in around the 2:00 mark adds some interest to the piece. Good stuff! Five stars!

beeni responds:

thank you so much man

Wow. I keep returning to this because it's just flooded with emotion. Totally raw, exactly how I like my indie. Love those lo-fi drums! As always, great songwriting! Five stars and a favorite, no question about it.

And again, because I'm going to be a dickhead and keep pushing, you gotta get this stuff on the big platforms. I'm selfish and I want to be able to put this on some playlists and share it with people, so stop being obscure.

Bitbeak responds:

I’m working on it haha

Honestly appreciate the nudging, my brain needs that sometimes to get anything done.

Also thanks so much for the thoughtful review ^.^

Self-produced bedroom indie artist. Released my first demo album in 2019 and just released my follow up EP "Moloch Eats Connecticut". My next album is set for release sometime this coming May.



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