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I agree with the commenter below in that this has a very wholesome feeling, and has a nice rolling movement. I really like that sonic glitter that the glockenspiel creates as well! Very pleasant composition! Five stars for sure!

This flows very smoothly, blending between all kind of pleasant sonic textures. And what vinyl crackle are you using? It’s especially nice as far as crackles go. Very soothing and nicely layered production here! Five stars for sure!

EppuJoloZ responds:

Thanks for the feedback! The vinyl crackle was produced by Reason's Audiomatic plugin, it is a very useful lo-fi tool!

The production on this is REALLY cool! Very neat style, definitely a bit emo-hiphop sounding as far as the vocals go (and I hope you don’t take that as an insult). That works very well with the skippy high-energy rhythmic instrumentals. Your distortion tones are very pleasing as well. I’d definitely love to see a breakdown of you vocal processing techniques on this though, as they really are nice flavorful. Five stars, a favorite, and a follow!

SynchroSpectre responds:

Thanks I appreciate the kind words; that's actually an accurate way of putting the vocals lol. I'd love to do track breakdowns one day; idk if on twitch or youtube. Really I just tried to keep the vocals 'dry' sounding with a pretty strong double with emphasis on the highs on the sides (some mid/side stereo thing). Sausage fattener, Microshift (also little Microshift), and OTT was definitely a tool used, even though I don't think that's really a conventional way of shaping the vocals ha 😵.

This is nice! Lots of energy! I like those toms. Those layered arpeggios work quite nicely, and the outdoor quality from those field samples is a nice icing on the cake. With the ambience, snappiness, and time of the snare, it almost has the feel of someone stepping on a large stick when paired with those recordings. Not sure if that was intentional, but it’s kinda neat regardless. Nice work! Five stars!

Not too familiar with the genre, but this is a really cool, subtle, feel. Love that kick especially. Snare has a nice snap too it as well. Everything blends quite nicely though, and the tune just gently carries you through it, with a number exciting moments along the way. Good stuff! Five stars!

Dylbsure responds:

thanks man, i really appreciate it

Definitely some cool elements in this! Love that snare and the bass. I feel like it wants a strong melody, and the mix could blend a bit better, but regardless, you create a pretty cool feel here! Five stars my man.

Meiner responds:

Thanks dude

Definitely an eerie yet manic feel to this. Cool stuff! That reggae on rhythm in the bass works well, and I really like that progression that takes over at the 0:37 mark. I always like some plucky synths with a dotted delay. Really nice melody that comes in at 1:25. It’s all mixed quite pleasantly as well. Great work over all, so that’d be five stars for ya!

CHiLEDAWG responds:

thanks so much man glad you liked it :)

This is great! Nice and cinematic with a slightly cheesy touch to it! Those strings sound lovely as well, and they blend so nicely with the piano and brass. Really a cool piece! Nice work! Five stars for sure, and I’d love to hear these ideas developed further.

Ketyri responds:

It sounds like Kingdom Hearts to me, sorta.

This is SUCH a cool vibe! Perfect synth textures that blend together so well, and I love that ambient percussion you toss in the mix. That airy synth at the 1:55 mark is such ear-candy as well. Masterful work! Five stars and a favorite!

This is a pleasant little piece! You definitely hit the “lo-fi” mark! If I could offer something constructive, I think you need a section that bring some more “oomph”, which could come with the right bass to fill it in, which would add some dynamics without sacrificing that lo-if analogue feel. Still, it’s a really nice piece, and I look forward to hearing more. Five stars!

Self-produced bedroom indie artist. Released my first demo album in 2019 and just released my follow up EP "Moloch Eats Connecticut". My next album is set for release sometime this coming May.



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