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OH shit this is a cool feel. I really like the industrial percussion flavors, and some raga never hurt anybody! Really nice work! Five stars and a follow for sure!

ADR3-N responds:

Thanks! All of those samples should be floating on the internet somewhere. Some might be off of my AKAI keyboard.

To answer your question in the last review, I got my de-esser from Waves. You can probably score a bundle or a few discount codes. Bedroom producer's blog, plugin boutique, and other hidey holes will surely have what you're looking for if you don't mind an email subscription or three. WAProduction is another good spot.

Shoot me a PM with one of your tracks and lemme know what kinda vocal processors you got going on there!

This really tickled the ear holes. LOVELY textures! You create quite a feel with this. Nice work! I really like those.. uh.. i think they're like flute samples or something, the ones nested in the background? These a cool piece though! Five stars!

Very cinematic! Feels like some kind of spooky animated action-packed adventure movie. Something kind of noir/gothic and at times spielberg-esque, with a hint of romance and very high stakes. Very dynamic! Quite a fun musical quest I just went on with this track! Very well done. Followed, and five stars for sure!

ChordC responds:

I’m glad you enjoyed the song :). You clearly have a wild imagination, don’t let it go to waste ;)

Wow! This is a lovely piece! Really evoked both hope and the lows which it must arise from. Really great piece. Five stars and a favorite!

This is pleasent! Quite relaxing! It all blends quite nicely. Five stars my friend!

The intro and that first drop were awesome! Pretty catchy tune! The more astmospheric section was pretty nice too. I feel like it wanted something more maybe, but I couldn't tell you what. The whole tune was great though! Nice work! Five stars for sure!

Wow this hits just right. Such a feel! Love those glassy bells. They're the perfect garnish for this. And that bass creates SUCH a mood! Perfect tone on it as well. Really well done!

Five stars!

buggagumpus responds:

thanks, the bass came out a lot better than i had anticipated

The mix isn't bad to be honest! Lots of cool textures in this, and yes, that atmospheric sections do sound really good! And just tip, when EQing your claps, you actually want to bring up the mid-to-low range more than anything. It's contrary to what you'd think, but the meat of a clap isn't really in the high end. But regardless, it all sounds great! Also, I really like the melody you've got going at the 2:58 mark, and it REALLY hits when that harmony comes in! Love it! Five stars my guy.

This is a cool exploration of simplicity! You really don't need much to be expressive! You play a bangin' A!

Five stars!

I had low expectations for a tune titled "Waiting To Pee", but I suppose you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. This is fantastic little groove! Spicy sax you've got going there!

Self-produced bedroom indie artist. Released my first demo album in 2019 and just released my follow up EP "Moloch Eats Connecticut". My next album is set for release sometime this coming May.



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