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1:25 caught me off guard in the best of ways. Lots of cool stuff going on in this, and I love a good sonic adventure. GREAT melodies, and a couple interesting rhythmic moments too! Such a cool feel. Five stars, a favorite, and a follow!

Silverdays nailed the description, but it's perfect for what it is hahaha. Maybe a few place where the rhythm seems a little weird, but other than that well done!

Not sure this qualifies as indie hahahaha. Though I suppose you are limited in what you can express in six seconds.

Pretty cool track! Could use some more dynamics and percussive variety, but I was definitely feelin' it.

Okay what the hell dude... where did all this talent come from? This shit is so deeply up my valley I feel kinda violated.

Are you putting together an EP or an album or something?

Big fan. Five stars easy.

Bitbeak responds:

That is the nicest and strangest compliment I've ever gotten haha

I put out an EP not too long ago here on NG with all the tracks downloadable for free here and on bandcamp:

Thanks so much, man ^.^

Holy shit that's good! I'll definitely be giving the album a listen! Blown away! And ElCatrinLCD two posts down nailed his review hahaha.

The interplay between that synth, that guitar, and that voice, works REALLY well. Like Anamanaguchi meets Beabadoobee. Five stars and a follow from me.

Love that bass. Love the atmosphere. Starts strong, ends stronger. That's five stars from me, and a follow.

Yeah, I can feel this! Love that melody starting at 0:53, but damn does this come alive at the 1:25 mark, almost to the point that the rest of the song almost feels redundant as it can't quite compete. I think you're teasing to0 much before coming back in at 3:50, but hot damn it does feel rewarding!

I would say this could probably be trimmed down into the 3:00 - 4:00 minute mark, but that's just a function of my being impatient and my personal taste.

Great tune, great work, and I'll keep an eye out for your stuff.

KENTEYL responds:

Yeah thanks man. This is actually a remake of a song I made from years ago so I had to use the actual audio file so it was a lot harder to work with. But yeah appreciate the feedback. :)

Well, if the intent was to make me uncomfortable, you succeeded.

Silios-Desai responds:

yeah, the intent was definitely to make you uncomfortable. this "song" is used right after you shoot yourself in a text based game im making

Self-produced bedroom indie artist. Released my first demo album in 2019 and just released my follow up EP "Moloch Eats Connecticut". My next album is set for release sometime this coming May.



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